What kinds of minibus and coach hire services do you provide?

Our services include luxury minibuses that seat up to 16 passengers as well as coach hires. Each of our drivers is accredited and trusted by our company to help you reach your destination in a timely and safe manner. Whether you have a private event or a corporate outing, our minibus hire services are sure to suit your needs.

What is the best way to book a minibus?

First, tell us what we need to know about your trip via our quote form, telephone number or email address. We need to know the location of your departure, location of your arrival and the number of passengers you require. We will then provide you with our availability and a price quote, which is valid for seven days following your inquiry. It really is that simple!

Do you have a list of prices available?

Unfortunately, we do not have fixed prices. We know that every trip is different, and we want to appeal specifically to your needs. Each price that we quote is tailored specifically to your specifications. You can rest assured knowing that each of our quotes is competitive.

What does the price quote include?

The price that we quote you with includes the entire cost of the trip, including the driver’s fee. The only additional fees may include airport fees, toll roads and bridges, and accommodations or meals for the driver. Additionally, the driver’s gratuity is not included in the price.

Are hired minibuses subject to VAT?

Currently, no. Minibuses (and their drivers) are not subject to VAT in the United Kingdom.

When will you collect payment for the minibus hire?

We will accept payment in full no later than seven days before the departure date, unless your account has been approved for credit. We do accept credit cards from all major companies.

Is riding in the minibus safe?

Yes. Every business that transports more than nine passengers on a minibus must hold an operator’s license by the regional Traffic Commissioner to demonstrate that we properly maintain our buses, provide professional management and possess financial security. In addition to demonstrating that we are a reputable business, we also invest in safety devices for each bus. These safety features include fitted seat belts, anti-lock brakes, speed limiters and more. Additionally, each of our drivers is held to high safety standards.

You can also rest assured knowing that we own all our vehicles. We do not lease buses, allowing us to maintain our own standards for each vehicle. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the safety of our vehicles and drivers.

Do my passengers and I have to wear seatbelts on the minibus?

Yes. Although traveling by minibus or coach is one of the safest forms of transportation out there, the law requires all passengers over the age of 14 to wear the belts. Younger children may sit on an adult’s lap.

Do your drivers meet CRB requirements?

Yes, each of our drivers undergoes a Clean Disclosure & Barring Service check via a local county council. This ensures that each driver is qualified to work with children and potentially vulnerable adults.

Is your company completely insured?

Yes. Our company carries comprehensive insurance that covers each minibus for up to £10 million. We also carry employers and public liability insurance for the same amount.

Are your minibuses allowed to enter the London Low Emission Zone?

Yes, our buses comply with the London Low Emission Zone’s requirements. Furthermore, we take pride in the fact that we use clean buses that are regularly maintained.

Are your minibuses wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, our minibuses are not equipped with lifts for wheelchairs. Still, we are happy to accommodate individuals who use wheelchairs provided that they are able to enter and exit the bus and that the wheelchair is collapsible to fit in the luggage locker. If you will be traveling with an individual who uses a wheelchair, please let us know when you make your booking so that we can do everything in our power to assist you.

Are passengers allowed to eat, drink, or smoke on the minibus?

We ask that passengers refrain from eating, drinking or smoking on the bus at all times. Additionally, we do not allow alcohol in the passenger area of the bus. We ask this of our passengers because we want to maintain a tidy presentation at all times.

How much luggage can passengers bring on the minibus?

Each of our buses is outfitted with large luggage lockers in back that passengers may use. If you anticipate that your party will be bringing a large number of bags or anything that is especially heavy or large, please let us know at the time you book your reservation. Unfortunately, we will not able to accommodate luggage that our drivers are unable to lift. Additionally, we cannot allow luggage to be placed in the aisle of the bus or on passenger seats due to safety concerns.

How will I find the minibus I reserved at the airport?

Until the entirety of your group is ready to board the minibus, we hold the vehicle at the airport coach park. In order to call for the minibus to come to the pickup point, you should call the coach marshal as soon as your group is ready to board.

I think I left something on the minibus. What should I do?

We ask that all passengers check to ensure that they have all their belongings upon exiting the minibus, and we are not responsible for any items left on the bus. If you do find that you have left something on the minibus, call our office during regular business hours. We will do our best to track down your property, but we will need as many details about the item and your trip as possible in order to find it. Generally, we hold found items for one month and perishable found items for 24 hour. We also charge a small fee for the hold and return of your property.


Visitors to Britain's vibrant capital often find a coach hire expedient for their initial introduction to the city. Our experienced drivers can promptly get you to and from London attractions so that you make the most of your holiday time with friends and family.

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